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I Did It Too

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I Did It Too by Deanna Rodger
The debut poetry collection we’ve all been waiting for.

Burning Eye Books are thrilled to announce the release of I Did It Too by acclaimed poet Deanna Rodger, illustrated by Joanna Layla.

The anticipated debut collection is available to buy now.

I Did It Too demonstrates a remarkable ability to craft timeless poems, written over a decade that embody the politics of state and person, the city to the universe.

Featuring commissions from St Paul’s Cathedral, Bucking- ham Palace and Guardian News. The collection includes well known poems such as Cog and Being British and the startlingly abrupt Nowadays.

I Did It Too is a public admittance, a powerful statement at a dramatic moment of history.

Deanna Rodger has been integral to the progression of perfor- mance poetry and spoken word in the U.K, especially in London where she has made a name for herself as part of the poetry collectives Keats House Poetry Forum and Point Blank Poets and popular poetry events Chill Pill and Come Rhyme With Me. She currently writes for the Young Vic and was named one of ‘30 most inspirational women under 30’ by ELLE UK.

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