Frequently Asked Questions

For all bookings please contact


Do you act?

yeeesssshhh !!! I love acting and think that this is something I will certainly persue (poet turned actor). I also love doing voiceovers and have been fortunate enough to of done both with some very lovely people. Check out the Look page.

How do I become a poet?

Tough question... here is one back

Do you love making something of a moment? 

Yes...? Then keep creating, nothing will stop you

Can I perform at one of your events?

Of course! Both have open mic sections. Though both are limited to six slots. If you would like to feature it's best to pop along and show us who you are on stage! Obv.s not everyone can travel far and wide so do send an email to and/or

Which writers inspire you?

All of us. It's a strange pull to write excessively once you've left school. It's an even more bizarre urge to lavish these words in attention until you can insist to people doing other important things, that they are absolutely necessary. 

Do you do workshops?

Yup! I facilitate them too. Please get in contact if you have residencies/workshops I can take part in or would like me to deliver some workshops. One of or terms! 

Feel free to comment, share, post and like!

I appreciate it! : ) <3 Creating buzz organically with people who have connected with my work. If you have, then perhaps some people you know might do too.. so click share, like, or tag me in posts you feel will resonate with me! Many thanks, kindest, dx